Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Fresh

5:53 PM
Radishes are ready!

Loves and Hugs-Fresh veggies, jealous much?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


5:55 PM
Evening pick-me-up

Loves and Hugs--Soda with Real Sugar...mmmmm.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

21 Days

In life there are challenges and rewards…the past week was extremely challenging…fortunately, my rewards include amazing friends, a wonderful—heroic husband, gardening, and above all else the Lord!

Life as you all are aware can swing a right-hook, sometimes we can block it, and sometimes we take the punch. Last week, I took a punch. I am so blessed to have great friends (and many that answer their phones, you know who you are, thanks!) This week has been BETTER and I am a stronger person because I was able to take the punch…enough about that…let’s move on to a heroic husband…

My friend Rainie and I hike twice a week..there are amazing trails in Ogden. Saturday we hiked to a peaceful place where we just enjoyed God’s creation. On our way down we encountered a rattlesnake. Yes, I just said rattlesnake. We had NO idea what to do…and, I was completely unprepared…no cell phone. Rainie had her phone, called her husband and he said try to scare it away…we did and it just made the snake mad. I called CC (we were only about .5 miles from my house) and he hiked up to save the day. The best part…the snake was gone by the time he got there…all the same, I felt safe because my heroic CC was there to protect me.

21-days ago…I planted my garden…here it is today! It looks wonderful! In no time at all we are going to enjoy the ‘fruits of our labor’…pun intended! Haha



A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a women’s conference in Denver. (God is good…and He knows what we need, when we need it….I wonder how I would have handled the right-hook if I hadn’t attended the conference the week before…) One of the speakers spoke about emptying our quiver…are we willing to go ‘all-in’ for God? This metaphor has not left my mind since the conference…so…friends…are we willing to empty our quiver and give it all to God? It is hard…and in the face of trouble…it was the last thing I wanted to do…but I tell you from experience…it SHOULD be the first thing we do…

Loves and Hugs—empty ‘quivers’ are cool!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden-Day 9

As Katie so graciously requested...updates on the are the latest photos, day 9! (It was a few days ago but I did not have time to update.) Yesterday, I was visiting with a girl friend and 'thinned' the radishes. Radishes have a fast growth cycle, seriously in three-ish weeks, we will be enjoying garden fresh radishes in our salads!



Loves and Hugs--because gardening is rewarding!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Over Memorial Day weekend, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary! We both took Friday off and spent the day with each other, it was lovely! After our day Friday we had projects all weekend, moving the garden, cleaning the fence, and working on my table. Saturday, our fence was cleaned (see below), I worked on the table (not finished yet), Cory started the garden—and finally, today we finished the garden (see below)!

After all the hard work Cory wanted Chinese, here was our fortunes…mine's blue, Cory’s pink. Very fitting with a few recent events!

Loves and Hugs---Fortune Cookie Fortune’s are the best!


One of my favorite hobbies in the summer is gardening. This year, I decided--we should move the garden. (Which we all know…Cory is moving the garden.) Poor Cory--spent three days roto-tilling the space, moving bricks, making it structural, and adding manure.

I spent several hours adding veggies. Nothing better than home fresh veggies! We have our favorites, PEAS, tomatoes, assorted peppers, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, watermelon, onions, strawberries, and chives! (Green friends, does this make up for the lacquer thinner? I hope so!) My very own organic vegetables all summer!

Loves and Hugs--gardening is the best!


I know what your are thinking...but get your mind out of the gutter. Living in Ogden we have the benefit of 'secondary' water. Basically, we pay an annual fee and get to water our lawn with 'free' water. The bad news, it is dirty water...our beautiful white vinyl fence was DIRTY. may want to stop reading now...the only product we could get the hard water off the fence was lacquer thinner. (Promise, I tried everything, steam, vinegar, CLR, laundry detergent, power washer...) No worries, we did not spill any in the soil, and we were really cautious but look at the results!

Big hugs and loves...let's hear it for clean fences!