Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I do not believe in Voodoo…but the other night I had a dream that I was in Louisiana and someone told me I had 1.5 years to live. Guess what the first thing that came out of my mouth? Oh my goodness, I need to quit school! I am burnt out and need a break! I have the rest of this semester and fall semester…and I am finished…that is…if I finish all of my hours! I have been busting out hours like crazy. I need to get about 28 hours a week for the next three weeks to be on schedule. (Piece of cake right?) I am envious of my classmates because they do not work and if they do it is part-time.  I on the other hand work full-time and exclusively breastfeed my daughter. (Which, if you haven’t ever breastfed before is a full-time job in itself). 

Have you ever heard of the seven deadly sins? Well, I am guilty of them all at this exact moment! Lust, after my daughter and husband…they are so close but yet so far away. Gluttony…look at my schedule—I bring it on myself. Greed, I think as Americans we are all greedy. Sloth, I am lazy when I have one minute to myself. Wrath, all I can say about that is Poor Cory. Envy, this is probably the deadliest of them all for me I am envious of everyone. This is not a healthy place for me to be so to spare you a raging pity party for me I will avoid it. Pride, again another one of the deadliest for me. 

Obviously I am on extreme overload, hence the lack of posts.

Loves and hugs-Next time I plan to be much more positive and less stressed.