Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Can you believe I have a 20 month old baby? Time is flying by...how do you capture it all. Perhaps that is why people continue to have multiple children.

Being a mom is difficult, whether you are an at home mom or a working mom. Since I have never experience staying home I cannot speak to that so I will speak to what I know...being a working mom. It is not all bad. There are certain things we can do and experience because I work and there are things that I am envious about stay-at-home moms.

The positives:
1. I enjoy EVERY minute I have with my girl, they are precious so I never take it for granted.
2. I have an identity.
3. We do more in a weekend than my stay-at-home mom friends do in a month. (this is a generalization...not a fact. Most of my friends are amazing moms and make Martha Stuart look lazy. :) )
4. We have a schedule and routine and it rarely fails.
5. We have additional resources to do fun activities.
6. I love taking a day off just to see her.
7. I have adult conversations.
8. She is independent and can figure things out on her own.
9. She has friends at school to discover sharing.
10. This is the way it is and we make do with what we have.

The downside:
1. I rarely take time for myself, hence, the extra lbs.
2. I miss some special moments.
3. Coordinating my life can be complicated.
4. Date nights are rare because why would you want to go out without her.
5. My friends expect to see me and her.
6. Some of my precious memories are not recorded.
7. She has to wake up on days when she would rather sleep in.
8. Cuddling is a rare occasion.
9. I have to shower and get dressed every day.
10. There are days I don't want to work and just be home.

In other news, B turned 20 months on July 14...................and................she took her first steps! You cannot believe how excited I am about this news! She is making progress everyday.

Loves and hugs--We should have a walker soon!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Earth day has come and gone and I had zero tips for everyone! Complete and utter-disappointment. We had the flu bug all weekend. It was horrible. What do you do when you are both sick and your baby is feeling fine? Shift-poor shifts but shifts all the same. We made it through but there were moments that I wasn't sure any of us would survive.

So instead of telling you new ideas to go green. I will update  you on a few projects we are focusing on this year.
#1-Give away ALL strawberry starts so I do not have to throw them out. (If you live in Utah and want some...you should know how to find me...facebook).
#2-Plant a community garden AT MY HOUSE! We are taking our side yard and turning it into a neighborhood garden.
         You know the infamous "They"well, They say, if we all planted food where we had grass there              wouldn't be a food shortage. With that new information (whether it is reliable or not) inspired me to take 900 square feet of my side yard and turn it into a public garden. I am so excited because it will turn my private garden into a strictly salsa/pea garden.
#3-There is no plan but I do want a project where I can reclaim (trash) and create something unique. More to come once I figure it out.

Loves and hugs-If you live in O-Town area and need some veggies. I AM YOUR GAL!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013



My sweet, sweet girl is 16 (ish) months! I love her SO much! She makes me smile and laugh and cry every day! A few things you should know about her…She has a mind of her own. She will do things on her timeline i.e. walking. She can eat as much as an adult and still falls in the -5% for weight. Yes, that is a negative sign. AND She is a chatter box!

I was thinking about all the words she says and I have started to forget all of them so I thought I should document them now before it doubles in size again.

1-Mama 2-Dada 3-Chica 4-Go Away 5-Gone 6-Done 7-Up 8-Down 9-Whoa 10-Oh No 11-No 12-Shoe 13-Duck 14-Hot 15-What’s that 16-Where 17-She 18-Is

She has started forming sentences like, Go away Chica. Where is Chica. Chica no. Clearly her favorite word is Chica. She even wakes up in the morning and her first word is Chica. She can sign hungry and more. Again, she isn’t really interested in signing so she hasn’t used it as much.

If you read between the lines, Brek is NOT walking at this time. She REFUSES! However, yesterday we did have her finally stand independently twice for a couple of seconds! Progress! My mom said she didn’t walk until 20 months so I am trying to be patient but it is frustrating to see younger children walking and my daughter is slow to go. The doc said everything is fine so I shouldn’t worry. So I try. We are going to Cancun in a few weeks and I would LOVE for her to be walking by then. It would be so cute to watch her on the beach.

Loves and Hugs--It's good to be back.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Living Color

Reflecting on the past year, I realized I was living in black and white. This year we are going to live in color! I do not know what that means yet...as soon as I figure it out you will be the first to know.

In short: vacations, dates, time at the beach, kisses and hugs, experience many firsts with my sweet girl.

Loves and hugs-I cannot wait to hear your plans this year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the middle of the night...

I go blogging.

Another 3am wake-up for me...I wonder what it is like for 'normal' people who can sleep for an entire 6-8 hours on their own. I think to myself, 'self, is that really something people do, sleep an entire night without waking up? Weird!' The only time I could say this was true was when I was pregnant, goodness I could sleep 12 hours. In fact, that reminds me when CC and I carpooled that year, I would pick him up from work and fall asleep in the car then come home and go right to bed. Pregnancy was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Now that I have my body back (not my size, my hormones...we are officially finished with breast feeding) I have all my irregular functionalities, I.e. sleep deficiencies, zits (which is new since baby, thanks for that new awesome treat), and anxiety. My brain never stops working. Now that I am not preoccupied with producing milk all my crazy worrys are back. It doesn't help that it is finals at school and I really have no idea what to do when I am finished. Do I work in this new field, do I stay at my state job with 21 days of vacation and 16 holidays? Do I take a break and discover myself, college grad, mom, wife, employee, sister, friend, daughter or do I go and become the person I just spent the last three years creating? oh, not to mention...am I even going to graduate? Ahhhhh....

Loves and hugs-welcome to 1% of my craziness.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where to begin....

Two days before my girl's first birthday she started day care. I think CC had a hard time with it since this was the first time his routine has changed. His stay at home dad days are over. Now, comes the stress of coordinating drop off and pick up. I still have 3 weeks of school and approximately 30 hours to finish 'volunteering', plus, my work schedule varies on a day-to-day basis. I might work early in the morning or I might have to work in the evening. STRESS! Baby G does great at day care. She loves the KIDS! Miss Social Butterfly hardly fusses when I drop her off she is excited to see the kids.

Not only is she social she is extremely independant. On the weekends we like to lounge around the house and watch tv in the bedrroom. In the past, we could get her to drink her milk with us. Now she just wants down to play. I guess my cuddles are over.

A few updates on the sweet girl.
-28.5 inches long
-16.3 lbs (yes -5%)
-She is cutting her top two teeth
-Eats  everything in site except sweets
-Still sleeps through the night
-Wears 3-6 or 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand

The doctor isn't worried about her size yet because she still curving on the bell chart...just because she is 'off the chart' doesn't really matter too him because she is curving. If you have ever met CC he is a skinny guy and eats garbage all day long....please pray she has his metabolism...not mine.

Loves and hugs--stay tuned for an update on the 1st birthday party.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When I think about the stress it took to have a baby it is hard to believe that was real. This baby is such a gift! She makes me smile and every day. She has one of the cutest personalities that I have every met. I know I say that all of the time but it is true.

Loves and hugs---I hope you all get to meet her someday...she is a special person.