Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Tell?

Tomorrow we have a doctors appointment. There is a possiblity we might find out what we are having. Since I am only 17 weeks it is not as definate as it could be.  To tell or not to tell??

Loves and hugs--that is the question.

Monday, May 30, 2011


As a thirty something--taking a trip with your mom can be interesting.  I am glad we did it--It was her first time out of the country, on a cruise ship, and time alone with 'Puddin.'  Now that a month has past I wonder what she thinks about the trip. Maybe a follow up luncheon is necessary.

Loves and hugs--Where would you go with your mom?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday, we celebrated our 11-year anniversary! I follow the traditional gift structure and have since our first year of marriage.  This year is steel. Generally, I am super creative and pick awesome gifts--but--if you know CC you know he LOVES to work on cars, cars made of steel.  So instead of trying to be creative I just said, "Babe, steel is the 11 year gift, what would you like?" There was a list. I told him just to take care of it and know I followed tradition. I shouldn't have trusted him, he OVER spent.  But hey, it's tradition right?

The other steel gifts we purchased, a blender and a griddle, both stainless steel. Tradition still alive! Awesome. My gift was the best...an entire day...alone...at the spa! Heavenly!

Loves and hugs--What's your anniversary traditions?

Monday, May 23, 2011


In the past three years, I have had many, many, many tests and medications to figure out why we couldn't have a baby. I was on fertility meds, had some very uncomfortable procedures, and just plain frustrated.  I wasn't at my ideal weight to get pregnant but it is what it is and who cares, CC still loves me.  The weight gain I have experienced has all landed in my CHEEKS. Yes, my face (not my buns) and they are huge! I look like I did the day my wisdom teeth were pulled---minus the bruises.  It's like I am smuggling a year's supply of nuts in these things--eat your heart out chipmunks--I have room for your nuts! 

Here I sit, feeling sorry for my chubby cheeks and I am ok with it.  My body can do whatever it needs to protect and grow my baby.  I will gladly give my body to be used however it needs to be to protect my young.  BUT--know this little Baby Grey, once you are out and finished with me--I will have my body back! 

Loves and hugs--Someday I will have my "Red Hot Piece of Ass" back!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Friday, I planned a retreat for a committee.  It was awesome, facials, laser tag, go carts, dinner, and a skit. I wish every workday included a facial! Heaven.

Loves and hugs--I assure you heaven includes spa treatments!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Help

There was a preview for The Help at the movies this weekend.  I want to see this movie more than you know! Honestly, I am not sure I can wait until the summer. I desperately have the desire to be amazing...and I am not...but when I see things like this it gives me hope that there are people out there that are amazing!  I long to be like them!


Loves and hugs--I still want to start a movement.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

No Bake Cookies!  I <3 them! Living in a rural community in Wyoming and not having a store a half mile away from your house makes a pre-teen creative.  I ALWAYS made No Bake Cookies as a chocolaty treat. My mom is CRAZY for food storage you could find sugar, cocoa, butter, oats, and milk in her house...even to this day.  

Loves and hugs--Tonight, I celebrated my old chocolate craving with No Bake Cookies again!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I can feel the baby 'shocking' me.  You know when you have static on you feet and touch something metal and you get shocked?  Yes, that's what is happening in my uterus, frequently.  It is an odd/interesting sensation.

Loves and hugs--It's cool to feel things happening.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I think I am--


Loves and hugs--My last post was awesome and I hope I have more entertaining stories for you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proceed with Caution

Since I only have 13 followers and 12 of them are female...I am going to post something that your girlfriends never told you about being pregnant.  If you are a male subscriber you might want to proceed with caution...Don't say I didn't warn you!

I read a book, Belly of Laughs by Jenny McCarthy...and ladies...she gave me more information about being pregnant than my closest friends!  First of all, lets talk about how bad my chest hurts.  I have been PG for 3 months there has not been ONE day that has passed that my 'girls' are not sore.  Second, my new BFF Jenny, discusses a discharge (yes, I just said discharge) that you experience, she refers to it as a 'snail trail'. HELLO, girlfriends...you should really tell someone about this...it is uncomfortable, nasty, and just plain gross. Third, I have been violated by the 'wand' ultrasound more times than I think is normal for any one person.

I hope you are looking forward to more entertaining post as Baby Grey grows and my body changes--for better or for worse.

Loves and hugs--By the end of this we might all be traumatized!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I do not believe in wishes.  With that said...I wish I had more time to learn Photoshop!  Tonight, I spent a few minutes editing some pictures from a few of my trips and I barely know what I am doing BUT I had FUN!

Loves and hugs--maybe next year I will have more time--then again, what am I thinking--I will have a new born! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First came love, then came marriage,

and...NOW a BABY in a baby carriage!  The day has finally come! CC and I are expecting our first child! This child is a huge blessing and highly desired!

You may not know this but it was a challenge for us to conceive.  We have been trying for nearly three years, test after test.  In January, we had given up hope of having our own child and started pursuing adoption. I was moving forward at rapid speeds with the foster program. Our home was prepared, background checks complete, attended training, physicals-done. We were getting prepared to have a child placed by April.

In March, my co-worker said "I think you are late, I have already started." Me, "I am sure it will start any day." A few days pass, my coworker said, "I just finished, you haven't started yet?" Me, "Hmmm, guess I should take a test."  Of course, I was expecting a negative result so on the way home I tell CC, "Misty thinks we're pregnant. I think I have a test at home. Maybe we can go to dinner and have a cocktail before we take...just incase." We went home (no cocktail for me) and I took the test, in 30 seconds the test was positive.  I was in SHOCK! In all the years, we have NEVER had a positive test. I called CC in and he looked at it...we both sat there and said, "HMMM." We went to dinner, still in shock, and still no cocktails.  We came home and took another test, same result!  It took us about three of four days to process but now...we are SUPER excited.

As you know, I have been traveling like crazy over the past six weeks.  Honestly, all you ladies TTC, this is the BEST advice I have for you.  Travel, travel, travel.  The best part about vacation is you can nap whenever you want, and you are resting the entire time.  I was able to sleep during that first exhausting few months!  I have barely been sick, however, my prenatal vitamins trigger me, so I take them in the evening now...easy solution!

Loves and hugs--I'm having a baby!

Friday, May 6, 2011

How could I forget...

No pants day continued....My happy friday present is Season 4 of Mad Men! 

Loves and hugs-What way to spend a no pants weekend!

No Pants Day!

Sometimes I have a 'No Pants Day'.  This all started with a friend of mine, she was watching Chica and told me they were going to have a 'No Pants Day.' I was like....ummm...I really don't want my dog hanging around you when your in your undies.  She was annoyed.  "Erin, no pants days are really lounging around the house and hanging out, not showering and watching TV all day, duh!" Now, we honor her by frequently hosting no pants days at our house!

Well, it's official, there is an annual not pants day. Guess what, it's this weekend! Score me!

Loves and hugs--call first because I am certain I am underdressed for company.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Another memory from my old work...Many moons ago, we had a traveling clown that we would give during holiday parties, just for fun, or even for a pick-me-up.  At dinner the other night, I just learned the poor little clown's fate.  The last thing I knew...

My former boss Lauryn, went to Pennsylvania in 2006 for a month.  We decided to send the clown to her for a joke. Of course shipping the clown to her wasn't enough.  Heather, decided to send it in a box of Girl Scout Cookies, thin mints to be exact. We waited, and waited, and waited to hear something from Lauryn about the clown...nothing, not a word.  She returned and in a staff meeting she takes a call from Pennsylvania and comes back shocked.  She tells this story about a 90 year old volunteer that rode her jazzy to the office everyday to volunteer. To thank her she gave her the box of cookies.  Our faces drop...Then she proceeds to tell us that she just passed away.  At this point we are dying, and we are freaking out---just a little.  We decide we had better come clean...we tell her the clown is inside...we probably killed her!  Lauryn was pissed!

At dinner the clown came up and everyone started laughing, I said, what happened?  Is there more? They tell me the end of the story.  One year! Yes, one year after that traumatic end a box comes to Heather from Heaven, Pennsylvania and it is a new clown.  Heather freaks out and instantly hates the clown.  Another, year after that....they are at our famous Holiday Party and a man pounds on the door, leaves a package, and runs down the street.  The package, is addressed to Heather.  She opens it....dun-dun-dun--it's our old clown!  He has come back to haunt us.  I guess they laughed for hours that night.

It turns out--Lauryn kept the box--opened it and busted up laughing...then the plot for revenge began.

Now that I know the ending...I am not sure if the clown is really gone or if he might surface again someday.  I will keep you posted.

Loves and hugs---I miss those ladies (and Jim) so much!