Thursday, April 26, 2012

I survived

Finished everything on my to do list and my GPA is still intact, an A in both classes! I only have 6 credits to go, so I will be finished in December! It was a killer week and I am still recovering from it but it is over now. I am taking the entire weekend off to celebrate...but then it is back to the daily grind. Brek is starting to show interest in crawling. She grabs her toes, likes tummy time, and starting to pull her knees under her. Loves and hugs-just thought I'd let you know I'm still live. Erin

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have so much to do...and all I really want is a good night's sleep. It has been 5+ months since I slept for more than three hours in one setting. I am exhausted! I wouldn't not trade Miss B for anything in the world but I need sleep!
This is what my week has looked like:
-40 hour work week
27 hours of volunteer time
-3 final papers (One is 10 pages)
-Online comments for school
-Breast feed
-Pump at 12 AM and 3AM
-Plan a retreat for the committee I am the chair of
-Training to become a Prepare and Enrich Marriage Mentor

Within each of these line items there is at least 100 tasks to do.

And...I haven't even mentioned be a wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt...any of it!

Loves and hugs--I hope I make it through this week. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I must confess...

Hello, my name is Erin and I sleep with the same blanket every I was 12.

It's true. (I still have the same blanket from when I was a baby (Bimby) but I retired it. It sits safe in my 'hope chest' so it doesn't get ruined.) My mom bought us (my sisters and I) new blankets when I was young and I put my 'Bimby' away and switched blankets. This blanket that I love is brown and blue with horrible little flowers. It is so worn out you can see through it. It has horrible patch jobs. It is a sad little blanket.  BUT I LOVE IT. Minus vacations, I sleep with it EVERY night. Even CC has been known to cuddle with it when he is sick. It is the source of a good night's sleep and the cure all in our house... dog, Chica and my baby, Brek have decided that this blanket (my blanket) is their property.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do not think you understand the relationship I have with this blanket...I am up for sharing but...plain and simple--IT'S MINE!

Loves and hugs-I sound like a 2 year old.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Four Months

Brek is almost 5 months...time is flying by.

Here are her 4 month stats:
Weight: 11.10 oz
Height: 24 3/8 inches

She is a tiny little thing

Loves and hugs-I love her!