Friday, September 24, 2010


Tip 5: Build a fire with an artificial, petroleum-free log made from wood fibers and biowaxes.  BECAUSE: Man-made logs, surprisingly, burn longer than wood and emit 75% less carbon monoxide.

Loves and hugs...that is an interesting fact, it makes me want to do an experiment.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Car Wash

Day 4: Scrub down your wheels at a car wash, not at home, BECAUSE: A drive-through uses less than half the water per car than the typical do-it-yourselfer--and many establishment recycle their soap water.

I had no idea they recycled their soap that I know some establishments do that we will seek them out.  I encourage you to do the same!

Loves and hugs--I am LOVING these new GREEN tips!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Burn Soy Candles...choose natural soy candles over petroleum-based paraffin.  BECAUSE: Paraffin emits 11 toxins; soy doesn't.

HOWEVER: Please be careful anytime you burn candles; BECAUSE:

• 38 percent of home candle fires start in
bedrooms, and cause 35 percent of
associated deaths.***

• More than half of all candle home fires
start because the candle was too close to
a combustible material.  Candle fires often
start when items like mattresses, bedding,
curtains, cabinetry, or furniture are

• Unsupervised children are involved in 20
percent of home candle fires.*** 

• The number of home fires the American
Red Cross has responded to has risen
10% since 2000.*

For more Preparedness Tips please visit my friends at the Red Cross:

Loves and Hugs...Really...I do not like candles...and that's a fact!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 2

Something green day 2--Tighten your gas cap until it clicks three times.  BECAUSE: Each year in the US, 147 million gallons of gasoline literally evaporate into the atmosphere because of loose, damaged, or missing caps.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Days

Lately it seems all my fun new tips are from magazines...which is interesting because I only read them at the pretty parlor.  For the next 30 Days we are going to have a GREEN tip from Country Living!

Day 1: Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner. Because: More than 3.5 billion hangers reach landfills each year, amounting to 200 million tons of steel that could be put to new use.
Loves and Hugs--This is going to be a great 30 days!--Let's 'GO GREEN' together!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter is coming…

You know winter is on the way when…

*The leaves are changing
*It gets dark earlier
*When you have to leave the front porch light on in the morning
*Next week all your favorite shows are starting
      -Big Bang Theory
      -Sister Wives—by the by—I know the husband on this show…chalk it up to living in UT.
      -30 Rock
      -Too many to list…

Winter is my least favorite time in Utah and it seems to last forever—because it does! Do not be surprised if you hear more about the weather conditions as time progresses.

Loves and Hugs—I am dreading winter…any ideas how to get through the next 6 months?


Monday, September 13, 2010

How CC got his name!

Two years ago, I went out of town for a Chamber retreat, my friend needed a roomie so I volunteered. We had SO much fun…we each drank a bottle of champagne and as we were talking about my Cute Cory, we decided his nickname would be CC.  A couple of months later, we went to a ‘Come as You Aren’t’ party/fundraiser and our name card said Erin and CC Grey.  Since that day ,Cory is CC!
(Triumph Photo Shoot September 2010)
A fun fact about that night…CC dressed as Willy Wonka and won first prize!
(Cory and Erin--October 2008)
Loves and hugs—CC is the best nickname for him…sometimes it even stands for Cranky Cory.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ok friends, I am developing a new concept for my blog—The 1st anniversary of my blog launch is around the corner and it needs a new direction! My friend Katie gave me a great idea! I have been thinking about it all weekend and this is what I have come up with…but I need to hear what you think about my ideas! Granted, I cannot promise that the blog will exactly follow the format but an E for effort is good enough, right!?!

A few months ago, I started graduate school in Marriage and Family Therapy. Going off the marriage theme this is what I am thinking…

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue green
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
  • Something Old—a story from the past, ours, family, friends, history, etc…
  • Something New—an update on us, a new product, a new recipe, etc…
  • Something Borrowed—this is where I need your help…a story or something to be featured on MY blog
  • Something bl….green—an update on “Going Green”, organic, reusing, etc…
  • A silver sixpence in her shoe—upcoming adventures, traveling, visitors, cultural events, etc…
(Cabo, December 2009)
Seriously, I need your help, I never thought I would be a blogger…but here I am, your feedback is WELCOME! You can leave a comment or email me at

Loves and hugs…This new direction is invigorating, I hope you like it too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


What do you get with:
2 Huge Crockpot’s,
2 Boxes of Tomatoes,
10 Onions,
2 Bundles of Cilantro,
16 Green Peppers,
20 JalapeƱos,
20 Anaheim Peppers,
20 Super Chili’s
2 Thirty Something’s,
and...Eight Hours?

48 Jars of SALSA!!!!

Every Labor Day weekend the task at hand is to create a year's supply of SALSA! This tradition began eight years ago! Every so often...I am even crazy enough to do it two or three times in the month of September, it just depends on my friend's stockpile.

The first ritual in the process it to clean my house and the jars before the chopping begins.

Then, I recruit help--CC of course--and the chopping begins. My job is to blanch the tomatoes and peel them, then run them through the food processor--if you ask me this is the less glamorous job--it takes the entire time. CC's big task is to chop the peppers--oh my--and the ever dreaded onions. Once everything is settled we wait for two hours...then the canning can begin. This project takes about eight hours from start to finish.

The benefits though...are worth every December we have the luxury of garden fresh salsa!
Loves and Hugs---Yep, just call me Betty...Betty Crocker!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


You know in life when you try to balance everything...and it rarely works? The past two years have been very trying times...we have had a few misfortunes...a few good times...and a few not so good times. We (I say we...hoping it's ok to speak for CC...which, I am sure it is!) have been praying to see what is in store for us. Right now we do not have a plan, and this causes anxiety for a "RED" personality, so...I am (literally) "Seeking Peace". This book is wonderful and frustrating at the same time. (Is that even possible?) The feelings are similar to how I felt when I read Eat, Pray, Love, how in the world I can I find myself when I do not have the resources that these wonderful women had?

I am trying to do my best...taking my favorite piece of advice from Eat, Love, Pray, "meditating is the act of listening to God." I do not think we take time to listen to God enough. So, let's seek peace together.
In Seeking Peace, Mary spoke about death she said, "The laughter is as much a part of the healing as the weeping." My Grandpa's funeral was a week ago tomorrow and our family had a wonderful time remembering him, drinking at his favorite watering hole, the VFW. Laughter is more important than the weeping!

Loves and Hugs---Let's always try to remember the good times!