Sunday, March 18, 2012

300th Post

I desperately wish for something amazing to post about but as of late all of my post stem around the most amazing gift of all, Brek. Miss B. is 4 months old, last week. I cannot believe how quickly time flies.

These are the things I know to be true of our darling girl.

She greets me EVERY morning with a smile.
We spend at least an hour feeding and cuddling.
When I get home at night she always smiles.
Her bond with her daddy is like nothing I have ever experienced.
She sleeps through the night.
She is one of the happiest babies I have ever met.
She entertains company.
She is in love with her toys.
She is extremely independent.
She is obsessed with Chica even though Chica doesn't know what to think of her.

I have changed too...
I am much calmer.
I do not like working extra hours, I want to be home ASAP.
I want to lose weight but breast feeding is my number one priority.
I love my husband in a new way.
I take a picture of her every day and get upset if we miss a day (we have only missed two days)
My house has toys everywhere, even in our bed.
I am that mom that talks about her baby all of the time.
I like it when people ask me for crunchy tips.
Vinegar is my new bleach, we clean everything with it.

Loves and hugs--I guess my 300th post wasn't so bad.

Sunday, March 4, 2012



I feel guilty most of the time. It is an ugly beast that has followed me all my life. Right now the guilt stems from being ok. An ok mom, ok at work, ok at school, an ok wife, an ok friend, and ok at practicum.

So to make me feel better, I am taking the morning off from all my commitments and spending the morning with Brek. This means no church, no volunteering, no shopping, no phone calls, no emails, nothing. Just the two of us.

CC is on his own...he can go rock climbing, church, shopping, to his shop. Just so it is just me and my girl, just for a while.

Loves and hugs-I hope ok is enough because it's all I've got.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Year's Theme

At the end of last year we had two major life changing events, three if you count me adding 10-15 hours a week to finish school. I posted a blog titled, the places you will go.

With all the changes and stress we have been through...I want to start living that theme OUT LOUD!

Loves and hugs-so many new places to go.