Monday, August 27, 2012

Party Girl

I swear this was the weekend for the drive-in! On facebook a friend in South Salt Lake and one in California were at the drive-in on Saturday night. I suppose all the cool people got the memo, LOL!

CC suggested we go so we did. I still have hours, and hours, and hours to finish before December 15th but I also have a family with needs. I decided if we went to the drive-in I could sleep in and volunteer after. Well, let’s just say, I slept in, and then I never even put pants on. We all (including  B) lounged around the house ALL day! We call Brek a party girl when she doesn’t get ready for the day.

The latest things she has been doing…
*She was having separation issues for a few weeks but it seems to be over now! Hooray!
*She ‘army’ crawls all over the house!
*She says ba-by and waves-Adorable!
*She is officially a chatter box (has been for sometime)
*Still in 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.
*She has BLONDE hair so she appears bald.
*Breast feeding is starting to come to an end. I have accepted it (a little). I still try but we did start supplementing one meal a day. I use to pump 15-20 oz a day, now we are lucky if I come home with 5 oz in a day. Plus, we have started the wrestling match that is ever so present at this age. Sometimes I just want to give up—but I don’t! My work schedule is starting to pick up and I will have to visit schools at 7 AM in SLC so that means I won’t have as much time in the AM to nurse or pump. What to do…I suppose she is almost 10 months and it would be ok if I stopped but I am going to keep trying until there is no hope.

I finish school in 16 weeks! (Hopefully, FOREVER!!!!) We are surviving my schedule but let’s see how the next 16 weeks go. I am very excited about what 2013 will bring for our family. Wishing time away is not healthy and I know it but I need to survive this year so I can start on my Year of Reconnection! I am hopeful that 2013 will allow us time to reconnect as husband and wife, mother and father, mother and daughter, plus our families, friends, health, and traveling!

Loves and hugs-Here’s to surviving one more semester!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I love me some KLOVE in the morning! The other day I was listening and the morning show host was telling a story about rejecting the rejection. Sometimes people will reject us for no reason, do we accept it or do we reject it. I desperately want to be the person to reject it. However, that is easier said than done. Ugh.   

This week CC received a rejection letter from a potential employer and it hurt bad, real bad. What are you supposed to do when your livelihood depends on this one scenario? How do you recover? How do you deal with rejection every day, multiple times a day?

Of course the Christian in me says, pray. God is in control. So I pray, and then I get frustrated and try to take control. As I am writing this my favorite hymn “How Great Thou Art” is playing in the background. It is a divine intervention showing me that He is with me. But it is hard, real hard.

Then I wonder….when we look back on our life what lessons we are learning from our situation will they seem so overwhelming when we are five years removed? Or, will we get completely lost in our situation and never recover. Are we supposed to be finding new dreams? Are our dreams not the plan for us?

Loves and hugs—My year’s theme is not being well executed this year!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh No!

Brek has decided to push herself into a sitting position. Last night she was having a rough night and started crying. When we went to get her up she was sitting up in her crib. We have been waiting and waiting for her to advance and now that it has happened it made me realize that this is just the beginning. Oh no!

The other night we had chicken stir fry for dinner we gave Brek some on her tray and she gobbled it up. Which is great because I am having issues again with my milk. I fear that we are going to have to supplement in the not so distant future. We currently have 10 oz in the fridge and 15 in the freezer. Clearly that is not enough to get us very far. Now that we know she loves stir fry we are going to try to add a 'lunch' meal in the day so she will be satisfied a little longer. The great news is when I nurse her she seems satisfied and I haven't had much trouble.Hopefully, I can keep feeding her well into the winter.

Loves and hugs--She is growing up so fast!