Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breky B

I frequently visit all of your blogs and I think they haven’t updated in a while. Then I look at my last entry and think, how about you Erin, you need to update yours too! You all know when I haven’t updated it is ALL over the place so stick with me.

First things first, Brek girl is ADORABLE! She is so animated and pulls the most hilarious faces. Everyone is drawn to her because her personality is amazing. Even when she hasn’t napped all day she still smiles and hides it well. It looks like sweet little B is going to be outgoing. (Where or where would she get that from…not us!) 

My very crunchy friend Rikki introduced us to Baby Lead Weaning and Brek has been eating solids for a few months (She is 8 months already!) We are very lazy about giving her food but when we do it is usually a vegetable, some fruit, and her very favorite, Cheerios.  There have been many emails and texts to Rikki keeping me focused and encouraged about breastfeeding. I now know why mothers do not make it very long. IT IS HARD! I barely pump enough to survive but by the Grace of God I make enough to feed her. Not that I want to wish time away, it goes so fast already but we are talking less than four months of pumping, I got this!

A few of Brek’s milestones so far:
-Has her two bottom teeth. (I wonder if she is always going to be an overachiever, couldn’t she just do it one at a time?)
-She rolls and rolls and rolls but hasn’t shown much interest in crawling yet.
-Started swimming lessons last week, today is her last day.
-To date has not had one jar of baby food! HOORAY!
- Desperately wants to be friends with Chica, now that she drops food Chica is warming up to her.
-Has had her first manicure/pedicure (Look again, did you notice her nails are done?)
-This morning she waved goodbye to me! ADORABLE!
-She still wears 3-6 month clothes.
-She has her dad wrapped around her little finger...and if  I must be honest, her mom too.

That girl is awesome and amazes me every day! She fits perfectly in our family! I want what is best for her and will make sure I will always be the best I can so she never has to feel hurt or rejection.  

Loves and hugs-In 20 weeks I will be finished with school…forever? I hope!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

One of my favorite people on Earth posted an article she read about people always talking about how busy they are…well, it is annoying…and then I looked in the mirror and said, you are annoying! Because I AM GUILITY …so guilty.  (here you go if you want the full guilt trip- 

Then, there is another one of my favorite people on Earth, she is the Emergency Service Director at the Red Cross (this nonprofit has a very special place in my heart), that has been basically working 24/7 because Utah is on fire, literally, on fire. I would bet that if you asked her “how she is,” she never once would say she was ‘busy’. 

This article really put a few things in perspective for me. Yes, we are all busy but what are we trying to get? Sympathy? Respect? Honor? Just be aware of how off putting a simple statement could be.  I do.

My blogging has been few and far between so you get the benefit of two posts in one!

I had a realization the other day. I am stagnate, complacent, just plain surviving. I NEED AN ‘EAT LOVE PRAY Moment’ to change my life. I am not sure what it will be but I am figuring it out! I have a friend that has done something I could never do in a million years…she sold her car. She is using only bikes and public transportation to get everywhere. She has only been doing for a couple of weeks and she blogs about it…That to me is an “Eat Love Pray Moment”  it has to be something BIG,  a little scary and something that challenges you to the core.

I hope I can figure out my moment. December…is when things will change...I hope…and I can have time to figure out my moment.

Loves and hugs—have you ever thought about your “Eat Love Pray Moment?”