Saturday, December 31, 2011


I will start 2012 going back to work.

It's bitter sweet. I am finally starting to feel 'normal' and would LOVE to have another five weeks to bound, organize, and visit my family and friends. The sweet part is I enjoy working and look forward to having some of my own identity back...if only the pregnancy pounds would disappear.

I mentioned we started doing Baby Wise in CC and Erin fashion. The concepts the we use (for now) are scheduling. The first 8 weeks you do 3 hour blocks of time, for example our scheule (on most days) looks like this:
12:00 AM - Eat
3:00 AM - Eat
6:00 AM - Eat
9:00 AM - Eat
10:00 AM - Awake Time: Tummy Time, bouncy chair, bath, cuddle, reading, singing, talking
11:00 AM - Nap
12:00 PM - Eat
1:00 PM - Awake Time: etc...
2:00 PM - Nap
3:00 PM - Eat
4:00 PM - Awake Time: etc...
5:00 PM - Nap
6:00 PM - Eat
7:00 PM - Cuddle, bedtime
9:00 PM - Eat

This is the 'master plan' however, she will sleep longer at night, or we have visitors, or we get tired before nap time, you catch my drift we adapt. We try to keep on this routine or something in a three hour block depending on the timing.

This is where we differ from baby wise, they suggest you STiCK to the schedule, but If she cries or I just want to hold her, I do!

In other news...we went on our first date this week. CC's mom came and babysat for a few hours.

Loves and hugs-scheduling helps keep me sane...and stressed all at the same time!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Long and Short

I have been so bad about blogging. When I have time I am usually cuddling my baby.

We are trying take the concepts of Bab.y W.ise and modify them a little for Brek. Some days it works and some days, not so much. I return to work on January 3 and school on January 13. Essentially, I need a plan.

If you have visited CC's blog you know he will be home with her. Knowing that helps with the stress of a busy schedule.

Loves and hugs-that's all for now.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is CC up to?

You all know how much adore that you can too...he has joined us in the blogging world

Loves and hugs-Stop by and check out the latest in man-training.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Face Time

One of the best joys of being a new mom is FACE TIME! It is 4:00 AM you have been up and down all night. The little bundle of joy is eating, again, instead of eating and going to sleep, she has decided to stay awake--wide awake. Her big eyes staring back at you, full belly and gives me, only me undivided attention for as long as we want. We can sit there for hours staring at each moment of the day!

Things are starting to mellow out (not really but I feel a little like my old self). I know the cry that is reserved for us, just the two of us, our special time. We know when she has pee'd and cannot stand the feel of the wet, smelly diaper on her bottom. Then there are a few things she has figured out about her parents, we are weak to her adorable cry. If she fusses long enough at 5:00 AM she gets to sleep on our chest and cuddle until morning. We are weak! AND I couldn't imagine not spending those moments with her.

There is one question that people have asked me over and over and I do not agree with them...let me explain...

The question is..."Now that she is here, isn't it amazing that you never realized you could love someone so much?"

The answer is: Actually, I love Cory that much! About year 3 of our marriage we realized we were 'all in' divorce was not an option for us--EVER. We love each other unconditionally and our love is what our family will thrive on. (Of course we fight, but we do not fight 'dirty' and bring up the D-word--EVER, that creates insecurity for the relationship and how can you every fully trust someone if they threaten that every time things get rough.) If love is lost between you as a couple, then what was the point of bringing another life into the world? Yes, the love for a child is different--I like to think we took the best parts of both of us and created this amazing child!

Loves and hugs--Love can keep us together!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Last year, our Thanksgiving looked very different than this year! You know what??? We wouldn't change it for one second! Each year offered something amazing...last year, we were on a cruise with our very good friends, Shane and Zak. This year we were snuggled at home with our baby!
Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2011
Loves and hugs--Our motto is "Let's make memories." Everything we do is a new memory.