Monday, March 22, 2010


Friday Cory and I went to dinner with our very good friends, Shane and Zak. While we were out…we may or may not of had a few drinks, after our drinks we went to dinner and bowling! (A small fact you need to know about me, Grease 2 is my favorite movie ever, you remember the bowling scene, we’re going bowl tonight!) CC was a ROCK STAR he bowled 204 the first game a hundred and something the second game, and 202 the third game. This was his ALL time high, he was excited.

After bowling we went back to their house and had a few more drinks and talked about laser hair removal. (Another small fact about me…I had laser hair removal before, and LOVE it!) As the conversation went on I was proud to say, I shave my legs everyday. Well, Mister Cory Grey was not very polite and he had the NERVE to say, well…she does miss a few spots sometimes. (Another fact about me…I might be a little stubborn) So…I taught Mr. Grey a lesson, I didn’t shave for 2 days, needless to say he apologized and thanked me for shaving my legs on a daily basis.

I suppose we do sweat the small a little too often! But that is what makes us, us!
Love ya,

Monday, March 15, 2010


I know…I am behind on blogging, so here are SEVERAL updates!

Our friend, Nathan turned 30, February 19…his amazing wife, Christy had a surprise party for him, so we went! Since Cory and Nathan met they have been best of buds, well at least as best of buds as you can be 2,000 miles apart. So…we decided to go out and celebrate.

Without getting lost in the details let me just say, rainbow colored balloons, a keg, tons of friends, and two drunken men. It was pretty much a success!

Christy you are awesome…here’s to a great hostess and party!

Luv ya!

Friday Night

What is there for a thirty something couple to do on a Friday night? Well, if you are Cory and Erin, you spend it in the ER. The first time in 13 years I had to take my CC to the ER!

He was doing his husbandly duties and helping out around the house, doing dishes, like he does. And…as fate would have it the knife he sharpened for dinner sliced his thumb, not just the thumb --but-- the part that connects it to the rest of the hand. Poor guy spent two hours in the ER and 5 stitches later, he is doing well!

The bad news…he cannot go rock climbing until his hand is healed and he is very depressed about it! I LOVE that man!

Loves and Hugs!

Thirty Something…

(Anthropologie sent me a birthday necklace…I feel a new tradition coming on!)

Yep…it has been a week, and I have survived. The day (alright…let’s be honest, the weekend) was everything a gal wanted. Cory surprised me with an AMAZING present, which will take place March 27. You shall soon see!

We spent the weekend hanging out and enjoying one another. On the BIG day…I was off of work, CC (Cute Cory, for those of you that do now know my main squeeze) took me to lunch at my FAVORITE pub, Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta, yummy, followed by a pedicure and manicure, and dinner with my gal pal, Kadee K. Who could have asked for a better day, not me!

Friends, thank you for the well wishes, you all are very thoughtful.

Loves and Hugs…