Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have nothing much to say...I am almost lost without 100 things to do this week! :)

I had an actual weekend and I am pleased to say we went to the nursery and purchased items for our garden. It is still a little early to plant but as soon as the weather breaks I am ready with plants.

B is progressing nicely. She is still a tiny little thing rolling all around. She spends her day playing with her friends, raffi (stuffed giraffe, cow, and rings) then she goes down stairs and begins her studies. She does baby mozart (which she LOVES), signing time, and your baby can read.

This weekend she started fussing at bed time...which is new for us. That was fun...but tonight she went down without a fight. I hope she was just having a hard couple of days.

Loves and hugs--I am enjoying this boring week after last week. OMG!