Sunday, August 29, 2010


My Grandpa Tom passed away last Tuesday. It was surprise for all of us. Yes, he was in assited living and he was struggling with his health for last two years, but still a shock. He was the funniest guy I have ever known, whether he was being spooked, flipping a 'bird', or calling his latest woman a heifer, we were fortunate to learn from him. Cory and Grandpa had a special relationship...when I lived with Grandpa (a story for another time) Cory would sit and talk with him for hours.
Miss you grandpa!

Loves and Hugs--Tuesday the world lost a good man...and so did we!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Do you paint your nails?
I have been experimenting for a few months on the best way to maintain the quality of polish. I have been able to maintain polish for up to 5 days! Monday, I was at the salon and waiting for my hair to dry and found an article with the easiest polish tip...soon you shall have this tip too...

Tip 1-Apply Nail Dehydrant--apply liberally--this takes the oil off the nail bed.
Tip 2-Apply base coat to the tip of the nail, then apply second coat to the entire nail--this reinforces the 'chip zone.'
Are you ready for the best tip ever????
Tip 3-After you polish and apply top coat--run nails under COLD water or use a bowl of ice water, this 'cures' the polish.
Loves and Hugs-Happy nail painting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love Language

Have you read the 5 Love Languages book by Dr. Gary Chapman? (The link is for the Love Language quiz.) About year four of our marriage CC and I (well, let's be honest, mostly me) read the book. We discovered that we were not speaking each other's love language. I would buy CC Happy Friday presents and he would in return give me a hug or kiss. In reality, all I wanted was a Happy Friday present and he would want a kiss. So...we switched...I know it sounds spoiled but... (yes, pretty much every week) I get a Happy Friday present! This week my "Happy Friday" present is a pedometer. The key to the love language of gifts is...there has to be thought in the present. He cannot just stop at the gas station and bring home something because he has forgot about me. (P.S. he has tried to pass this off a time or two.) It has to have thought about me in the process. is the thought behind this week's gift. My work is doing a 10,000 step challenge, they sent us pedometers to track the increase of our steps...well....I might have been drinking...and it may have fell in the toilet. Needless to say, I have not been able to participate in the 10,000 step challenge since then. (I never shared this with anyone because I was embarrassed.) Now I am officially back in the game!

Loves and Hugs! Happy Friday's are my favorite day of the week! (And...sometimes I get my 'prize' on other days of the week...i.e. today is Tuesday!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heaven in Utah

Yep, there is actually a spot in Utah that I would consider heaven in Utah...Bear Lake. Today, I had a free minute to myself (while in Logan), I drove to Bear Lake, dipped my toes in the water, grabbed a raspberry shake, and headed do...the ever dreaded homework.
Loves and Hugs...first visit to Bear Lake of the year! Fingers crossed for another trip...Sunday!


Since I was a little girl, it was tradition to eat our birthday cake off a special that we are married we have continued that tradition. CC enjoyed his delicious German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting on this plate!
My mom, LOVES to year for Christmas me and my sisters each got our own plate(You know I have three older sisters, right?)...truth be told...if I am having an especially bad day...I eat off it!
Loves and you all know one of my dirty little secrets.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Today, is CC's birthday! All he wanted for his birthday was a welder...I know right...exciting. Well, being the good wife that I am, CC received a welder for his birthday! He doesn't know this yet, but I have something else for him too...but he has to wait.

Tonight we are going to our favorite pub,Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta, after dinner German Chocolate Cake and French Vanilla Ice Cream (as usual, made by wifey). This thirty-something couple knows how to live the high life!

Hugs and Loves! Happy birthday baby, I LOVE you and your mohawk.

Monday, August 2, 2010

70th Post!

Can you believe I have had 70 things to yak about? In all reality, I am obsessed with my own blog, I visit my very own blog, at least, three times a day. Some might say I am a little narcissistic, but I wouldn't. LOL

Last night, after church (yes, we go to church at 7 PM, and LOVE it) we decided to go outside and read. I am currently reading, Eat Pray Love, I just finished the Pray section and I am totally ready for my chance to listen to God. Liz, yes, she is my good friend now, said that the act of meditating is listening to God. I never really thought about I have been spending all this time talking to Him when I just need close my thoughts and listen. It explains a lot! :) Thanks Liz, I am going to take your advice and start listening!

In case you were wondering, while I was having a very important ah-ha moment, my beloved husband, CC, was reading a comic book. He actually, refers to them as Graphic Novels, but I call them cartoon stories, Tomāto Tomäto.

Hugs and Loves! Some people get enlightenment from true stories some from cartoons...who are we to judge?