Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Road Trip

I am in St. George for work…by myself. Now let’s talk about it…Of course time alone is a blessing and a curse. Do not get me wrong I LOVE alone time…you may think I am a little crazy but I like to talk to myself and plan things.

While I was driving I was listening to a CD my old boss made, she really doesn’t have that great of taste in music, I am sure the songs were good…back in the day. Driving 336 miles by myself created and opportunity for a self portrait, sunset photos (more to follow when I have my cord to the camera…forgot it) and speeding.

I went to dinner by myself and sat at the bar (not the most enjoyable thing to do in the world)…you will never guess what punishment I had to endure during dinner…that’s right, the Jazz game. (Side note…I almost had to go to the game tonight but since the conference is in St. George I totally got out of it, however, my poor co-worker had to go in my place so I text her to let her know I was there in spirit.) As I was finishing dinner I went to pay and realized I did not have my wallet. I totally freaked out…what do you do if you do not have your wallet? The lady let me go to my car and all I could think was my wallet is at the gas station in Cedar…which I do not remember the name or the location, turns out it fell between the seat and the door. Phew…all is well on that front.

Now I am back at my room whitening my teeth and updating my blog. I really do live the high life.

Love, love, love you all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

All you need is love!

Well…February is upon us! What an exciting month…love is definitely in the air.

There is something you need to know about me (if you were questioning this before), I LOVE my husband. I am not talking about awe…I love you superficially, I am talking I unconditionally adore that man. Every year, he shows me a new way to LOVE him.

In fact, I think everyone should love their husbands (or wife) as much as we love each other. (You are right…this is my blog so I went there) So…if you are a friend on Facebook you have experienced the Love Dare for the past 31 days. God is doing amazing things in our marriage and pray that amazing things are happening in everyone’s marriage as well.

If you are asking yourself, self…what is this Love Dare she is talking about…well…there is movie/book entitled Fireproof, in the book there is a Love Dare that is presented, 40 days to save or ‘vamp-up’ your relationship. Any-who…Friends, and friends of friends have been doing the Love Dare with me and it has changed so many relationships. I pray that your marriage/relationship can grow from this experience.

In closing…Here are a few of my favorite marriage books (in case you were wondering).
1. The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman
2. For Men Only, Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn (Of course I read this--have you met me?)
3. For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn
4. Fireproof, Jennifer Dion (The Love Dare is book 2)

Loves and Hugs

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yes, friends I have been slacking on blogging. I know inquiring minds are wondering...where is Erin, what is she up to, why isn't she posting. Well, there is a simple answer, there is not much to post about. So here is my attempt at a successful update.

Cory and I have been doing the Love Dare. One of my favorite pass times is reading marriage books, Fireproof is a wonderful book/movie about marriage. In the book, the dad of the main character challenges him to the Love Dare. So far we are 27 days into the 40 day challenge. This has been an amazing opportunity for our marriages as well as many of our friends. If you would like more information about the love dare, just let me know and I can get you some details. As is posted on my Facebook page.

Moving on to February~For Valentine's Day I like to spoil Cory rotten. He is the best husband for me! Everyday from February 1-14 Cory has a mailbox and he receives a surprise from cupid, aka Me! It is so much fun to find him something everyday and he loves the special attention. If I haven't mentioned this before, that man is ADORABLE!

Moving big 3-0 is coming up. I am not sure how I feel about this but deep down I know this is just a new phase in my life. Of course I can blog about it to let you know if I survive the big day!

I will try to come up with something more creative for the next post! Have a great week!

Loves and Hugs