Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cory's First Day

As long as we have been together Cory has been a home designer...and tomorrow is Cory's first day as a government employee!!! YAHOO!!! The past two years have been challenging in Cory's industry. So officially tomorrow a legend has left the industry. (Of course if there is any projects that our friends and family need he will help support you) but as for this being a career option; not so much! We are so excited since he will have a retirement plan offered by his employer for the first time...ever!

God has been with us through all of our challenges and we are so thankful for His love and that He always has a plan for us. Unfortunately, we are human and forget about His love and try to control everything. When He presents "God Stops" like this, we know how much He loves us!

Our prayer for you is that you to can recognize God Stops when you are going through difficult times because He is with you.

Love you all...thanks for visiting!
Erin & Cory

Monday, October 19, 2009

Winter Sports

As most of you are aware we are not that into winter. I know...weird we live in a Winter Wonderland...but in all reality we have NEVER enjoyed winter. So...this year we are going to embrace the snow and venture out of our comfort zones and start enjoying (as much as possible) the weather. With that said...we purchased our VERY FIRST winter equipment, Snow Shoes.

There are amazing trails and hikes that we are going to explore. Hopefully, we will enjoy it and maybe...just maybe, we will have amazing stories to share with all of you! Plus, my awesome new camera will be on the journey with us so I can either share our joy or dislike for this new activity.

Now that I am thinking about it...I wonder if Cute Chica will enjoy the trek as well...probably not, she is the winter...Cory makes a path for her to take care of her business.

I will keep you posted...I am sure inquiring minds need to know the status of Chica and the winter hikes.

Love, love, love you all!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


In about 2 months we will be taking our MUCH needed vacation! As many of you know Cory and I like to take 1-2 large vacations per year. Due to some unforeseen circumstances this year our vacations have been put on hold. However, we were able to book a wonderful Christmas Celebration this year! Yes, that is right....we are taking a trip to Los Cabos San Lucas during Christmas! What a better way to spend the holidays than with the man you love on the beach!

Of course we will not forget the true meaning of the season and will remember the birth of the Lord and what He came to earth to do for us! The best way to celebrate Jesus is by enjoying His creation!

More details to come as we approach this much needed vacation!

Love you all! Thanks for visiting!


Some of you may not know….I am a hippie at heart. (At least that is what Cory calls me.) Last year when gas prices were soaring around $4 per gallon I joined the crowd and purchased a Natural Gas Car. Yes, Natural Gas…it cost about $.75 per gallon! Not only did we save on the cost of gas but the state of Utah was so generous and gave us a tax rebate of $3,000. So yes, it was well worth the purchase! Oh yeah…If I forgot to mention…I can drive in the carpool lane with my clean air license plate! Totally worth it because I commute to Draper!

So moving on to my latest hippie adventures…COMPOSTING! I have been gardening for the last 10 years. I have suggested to Cory we should start composting and he refused (now that I have been doing it for a few months I know why…more to come, however, I will never stop!)

Cory has been a wonderful husband…in most recent years he started purchasing me what I like to call “happy Friday” presents. A few months ago my happy Friday present was a compost container. I adore it! I have a scrap bucket in our home and instead of using our garbage disposal and add to the sewer system we have started reusing our table scraps (compost approved items will be listed as well). Everyday I have to go and rotate the container. In the heat of the summer this is not a very enjoyable task (STINKY) but the soil and what we are doing for the earth is worth every minute. I have yet to produce any soil but as soon as I have my first batch you will all see the rewards of composting!

BTW-If you are thinking about taking up composting a tip…add a little soil in with your scraps it will help reduce the smell.

Fruit and vegetable peels/rinds, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, and similar materials are great stuff to compost. They tend to be high in nitrogen (this puts them in the 'greens' category), and are usually quite soft and moist. As such, kitchen wastes need to be mixed in with drier/bulkier materials to allow complete air penetration.

Avoid composting meat scraps, fatty food wastes, milk products, and bones -- these materials are very attractive to pest.