Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lunch in the park.
Dinner in the hammock.
Homework complete.
Feet elevated.
Garden blooming.
Baby growing.

Loves and hugs--Happy day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old Bones

12 Hour Work Day=hurting Erin.
Swollen Cankles
Achy Body
Sore Feet
A Little Cranky
A SWEET CC...he brought me ice packs, made dinner, and rubbed, my former ankles.

Loves and hugs--This baby is using my ENTIRE body to be cozy! 19 weeks little one, 19 weeks.  Then I GET A COCKTAIL...for days like these!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That Baby!

She only wants to show me weird pictures.
We heard her heart beat and saw her cute little body!
There is a HUGE amount of comfort in seeing those images.

I am ready for her to be here and part of our family.
Soon, very soon! 

Doctors appointment in three weeks, it's our target appointment, ensuring she is developing properly!

Then again in three weeks, I have the yucky drink appointment. I hope I can make it.  I have had some NASTY tests and I hope this is not as bad as the colonoscopy cocktail. Maybe nothing is that bad!?!

Loves and hugs--That baby! :)

Check this link out...

I can totally see my CC doing this for Baby Grey!

Loves and hugs-He is going to be the cutest father!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What to blog about?

Nothing has happened since I blogged yesterday. It was a typical day, carpool with CC, work--typical, lunch with CC, work--typical, commute home with CC. We stopped at the parade of homes in Kaysville and Layton, saw a couple of nice homes. Went to Ross and DSW for a little shopping, maternity clothes mostly, didn't find anything. Went to dinner...just got home. It's late, cankles are in FULL bloom. Now getting ready to rest.

Tomorrow, I am officially 21 weeks! We have an ultrasound tomorrow and maybe Miss Baby Grey will give me that adorable profile picture this week. The last one she looked like skeletor, giving us a full on face shot, not the most precious of pictures, but it makes you feel like you already know her sweet personality.

Loves and hugs--More tomorrow.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bathroom Days 4, 5, 6

And...the award for best husband goes to CC!  I had school all day Saturday and I came home to CC working on my bathroom. He finished sanding, primed the walls and the ceiling, went shopping for a few necessities, and had my Happy Friday present waiting for me. (Yes, he was a day late...but I will take it!) 
(Pic does not show the awesome yellow that is to be my new bathroom...stupid Droid!)

Today, he painted two coats of paint, tiled the floor, hung the door!  Folks, we are hours away from a completed bathroom.  Perhaps, this week I can work on the hoarding mess that is my basement!

The list to complete the project :
1. Paint the Ceiling
2. Grout
3. Paint the trim
4. Hang Trim
5. Hang Mirror
6. Hang Light Fixture
7. Install Vanity
8. Seal Grout
9. Install Toilet
10. Paint the Door
11. Install the Faucets
12. Hang Towel Racks
13. Clean the Bathroom
14. Shopping! 
15. Work on the hoarding mess

Loves and hugs--I just love that man!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Feet shots are my favorite! Every vacation or when I resting and have a camera I snap a pic similar to this...

But now...I have is only June and in the 90s (finally) how am I going to make it to 100 degrees in August?

Loves and hugs--Baby Grey...I love you already...but...I am officially 20 weeks...20 more to go....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maybe this year?

Remember this post from last year? Well, that dreaded table project is still incomplete.  Sitting down with a tube of liquid nail, a bucket of 'saved' tile, and a dedicated Erin I finally, got half of the table finished.  Hopefully, it will not take another year to finish the other half. CC said he would go buy me more glue and finish the I want that or my bathroom finished?

Loves and hugs--The things that make you go hmmmm...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Doing the right thing...

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil. At the store today as we were leaving there was a wad of cash next to my car door. I think it was $100. It was pouring down rain (as it has all summer!) and I sent CC in to give it to the manager. You never know what the manager is going to do with it but you must ALWAYS do the right thing when nobody is watching. 

Loves and hugs--Because He is watching!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


On our visit to Wyoming this weekend we picked up a 'new to us' kitchen table! This table has been in my family longer than me.  Tonight, after scrubbing 60 years of grease of the table and chairs CC and I dined on our first meal at our new family table! 

What was for dinner you ask? Breakfast! You do not know this about me but I can make a mean pancake with homemade syrup. It is divine!  CC thinks Baby Grey is going to inherit this skill---and possibly the table!

Do you see the yellow plate? Yep, the 9 year anniversary gift, Pottery! CC and I went to Color Me Mine and made pottery to celebrate 9 blissful years of marriage!

Loves and hugs--Family traditions are grand!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What in the world?

Feeling a little upset about this world...people are laid off, people do not have to pay back money they owe, good people that would make great parents cannot get pregnant, but we move on like nothing happened.  And it seems, the people who should have things taken away from them are getting further and further ahead.

Recently, a few of my friends on blogs or FB have experienced horrible hardships and they are handling it better than I ever could! But there are jerks out there (former bosses) that are still thriving and moving forward, whilst we are trapped.

For what its worth friends, I am sorry. I know there is a higher power in control and we are all here for a reason. When we are handed lemons lets hold on to them until we are ready to make lemonade. It's okay if it takes a while to move on...but remember He is in control!

Loves and hugs--Feeling a little down for some of my peeps.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Where is the Bathroom Update????

There is none! Instead of having CC work his fingers to the bone I gave him the night off.  We went to the X-Men movie instead.

Loves and hugs--Erin=Good Wife!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 3-Bathroom

No picture but...CC is doing his hubandly duties and hanging sheet-rock today!

Yesterday, we spent the ENTIRE day yard selling and in Wyoming doing baby stuff.  CC's mom has been amazing, she made me 2-Dozen homemade diapers, with more to come! We went to one of their friend's and scored a TON of baby stuff and clothes.  Now, when people ask what I have for Baby Girl, I can say lots. Phew...I am not sure if you realize how stressful that question can be.
Safety Glasses-$0.10--The look of Awesomeness--Priceless!

Baby update: Thursday, hopefully we can confirm her gender! I signed up for a New Mom To Be Study and their ultrasound machine is AWESOME! The first appointment I had with them she waved to me! I can already tell she will be brilliant!

My baby bump became a large bump this week. The benefit to this is I can tell people I am pregnant and not chubby. :) The downside is my stomach hurt because of the stretching this week. Blah.

Loves and hugs--My hubbers rocks, and my baby is brilliant. Life is Good!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2-Bathroom

The plumbers were back this morning...See my shower! Now, if I can talk sweet CC into sheet-rocking this weekend...
Loves and hugs--Maybe I will have a bathroom party!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Rain on my Parade

Being pregnant is different but my pregnancy has been different than everyone I know so far, I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful! Honestly, I am probably the most relaxed I have been in the past three years, work is calm, I am FINALLY having a baby.
CC, Erin, Chica-Vegas-February 2011--probably conception! TMI?

By nature, I am a planner, I like to plan. (Of course, I do not have one functional baby item but all the same, I am a planner.) Well, I have a plan after the babe is born, when CC gets home from work and I am feeling up to it, I will be hitting the gym hard. When I share this information with my friends--they rain. Can't I just have that dream? I know it might not happen but it's the plan! What good is life if there is not a plan? Shouldn't the father be involved and have at least 1-2 hours of alone time with his child? Why is that just the mothers responsibility? Seriously girlfriends, it is the 21st century, let's start living like it! 

Loves and hugs--I'm going to have a baby and a life!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Guy

I love this guy! He. Is. Bizarre. But I still love him.

It's a proud wifey moment when he reclaims things from the thrift store---but then when you see what he does with never know.  Tomorrow for work he is going to Rocky Mountain Speed Way to race cars...and he needed a 'Hot Rod' outfit.

Loves and hugs--That man! At least he will do kissy face with me whenever I ask!
Cozumel April 2011--2 Months Pregnant!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bathroom Day 1

The bathroom/house is re-plumbed!  They were so fast...I think I may have gone into the wrong profession--with what they charge and the amount of time it takes. Today, they spent 7 hours and they are coming back Thursday to install the toilet, shower/bath, and the sink. (I will let you know how long it takes for them to finish the entire project!) CC has his hands full tonight framing in the bathroom but it is almost finished!

Loves and hugs--There is a HUGE possibility that I am going to have a second bathroom by the end of the weekend!


At this moment, I am sitting in my house, updating my blog, listening to a jackhammer. That's right, we are getting a new bathroom! This is the most exciting remodel moment in our house since the kitchen!  Color scheme-selected, vanity-purchased. Good bye, one bathroom home, welcome second bath! I will update you once we are finished, I hope it is by the weekend, but that is if everything goes right! Fingers crossed everything goes alright.

Baby update: It's a girl! The questions I have been asked:
Q: What's her name?
     A: Don't know.
Q: Will you let her wear pink?
     A: We know most little girls wear pink and if she receives gifts in pink it will be ok, however, pink is not my favorite color, so if Mama has a say, please keep it to a minimum.
Q: Will you let her play with Barbies?
     A: If she wants.
Q: Where are you registered?
     A: Umm...Sometimes I am not sure I am REALLY pregnant. I have had an easy pregnancy and do not really think about it. I am a little overwhelmed with the entire process and not sure where to, I am waiting.
Q: What have you bought for the baby?
     A: A dress in Mexico and yesterday, I bought her, her very own Valentines Mailbox.
Q: Are you excited?
    A: Absolutely, my entire life I wanted a little sister, now I will have my very own baby girl!
Q: How does Chica feel?
    A: Hmmm, she is an interesting one. Since I have been pregnant and she can hear the heartbeat she avoids me. But now that she can still hear it she is doing better. I am a little worried about her but I know she will love her in her own time.
Q: Did Cory have a preference on the gender?
     A: Nope, neither one of us cared we are just blessed to have a baby whatever he/she was suppose to be. He thinks he is going to have 'bad ass' girl so whatever.

That's all the questions I can remember so far...If you have more, just ask!
Loves and hugs--Big things are happening.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Summer

Dear Summer,

Thank you for finally joining us in Utah, it is now June and we finally hit 80 degrees. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that you arrived, I was freezing to death and feared my garden was going to mold. My garden was planted almost a month ago and you are fortunate that it survived, I would have been very upset with you had it not. This afternoon I spent several hours in my newly purchased hammock and I was so peaceful. Please stay around for a while...winter is NOT my friend, you are!

Loves and hugs--I am finally thawing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Something positive about living in Utah is the Sundance Film Festival.  In 2009 there was a film, Dirt that shows the importance of good soil.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but you know I am going to!  Please, watch it with me...and then START COMPOSTING!

Loves and hugs--the veggies in my garden are growing in my latest batch of compost.  I am SO excited for the results, only if it would stop snowing here.