Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Earth day has come and gone and I had zero tips for everyone! Complete and utter-disappointment. We had the flu bug all weekend. It was horrible. What do you do when you are both sick and your baby is feeling fine? Shift-poor shifts but shifts all the same. We made it through but there were moments that I wasn't sure any of us would survive.

So instead of telling you new ideas to go green. I will update  you on a few projects we are focusing on this year.
#1-Give away ALL strawberry starts so I do not have to throw them out. (If you live in Utah and want should know how to find me...facebook).
#2-Plant a community garden AT MY HOUSE! We are taking our side yard and turning it into a neighborhood garden.
         You know the infamous "They"well, They say, if we all planted food where we had grass there              wouldn't be a food shortage. With that new information (whether it is reliable or not) inspired me to take 900 square feet of my side yard and turn it into a public garden. I am so excited because it will turn my private garden into a strictly salsa/pea garden.
#3-There is no plan but I do want a project where I can reclaim (trash) and create something unique. More to come once I figure it out.

Loves and hugs-If you live in O-Town area and need some veggies. I AM YOUR GAL!

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